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External Exam Timetable

Summer Examination Timetable 2024

List of Qualifications

The document below outlines all of the qualifications that are being studied for in the 2022-23 academic year.

Qualifications in 2022-23


2023 Examinations

There have been a great many changes and updates to examinations over the past years as a result of COVID-19 and in particular to the examinations sat in in 2022. Recently there has been a further consultation for examinations in 2023 and how best students can be supported as we move towards normality.  During 2022, changes were made relating to the timetabling of exams, the space between each paper and the use of formula support sheets for example. As we move towards the summer exams for 2023, we can now update you as to what support your child will receive for the upcoming examinations.

Please take time to review the Letter to Students from the Chief Regulator of Ofqual. Within this, there are also links to further support.

We have also been updated that the examination awarding bodies have added a contingency day of Wednesday 28th June 2023 to accommodate any possible rescheduling of an exam. It is important students are available up until this date.

Exam information for Candidates

Collecting examination certificates

Examination Certificates are evidence of your qualifications. Employers and training providers will need to see them throughout your career. It is therefore vital that you collect your certificates and keep them safe.

Examination results collection for summer 2023 exams

Details of the day’s outline will be shared upon conclusion of the examination period.

When attending, all students will need to show identification in order to collect as this is official documentation. If a student wishes for another person to collect on their behalf, please email in advance stating the following information:

  • Candidate name
  • Candidate date of birth
  • Full name of the person who will be collecting.
    (They will also need to provide identification to collect).

If you have any questions, please contact examsadmin@labexley.org.uk

Arrangements For Collecting Previous Years Certificates

Following the exam season for Summer 2022, we invited our 2022 students to collect their certificates on Wednesday 18th January between 3-6pm.  If you were unable to attend this date, please now contact the school to arrange a new collection opportunity.

Detailed arrangements for collecting certificates are described below.  A signature is required. Regulations do not allow certificates to be put in the normal post due to the risk of loss or damage.

If you are unable to collect the certificates yourself, you can nominate someone else to collect your certificates by giving them signed written permission. This includes parents and other family members or friends.  Please ask them to bring written permission and a form of photographic ID.

Certificates will not be issued to anyone other than the person named on them without written permission and ID.

Certificates that have not been collected will be confidentially destroyed after 5 years.