Student Leadership

The student voice team are aspirational and motivated role models who demonstrate respect, resilience and integrity. They collaborate in junior leadership roles to continually improve our academy community.

Our student leadership focus has three main objectives:

  1. To encourage students to seek additional responsibility, and to lead student participation across the academy community
  2. To develop leadership skills
  3. To ensure that all students are engaged in the student voice process and feel that not only do they have a voice, but that it is also heard
A group of four male students are pictured sat around a table, listening to a staff member sat with them explain something.

Each form has a student voice representatives that meet once a half term to feedback to their fellow leaders.These roles give students the opportunity to develop key skills to take into later life, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Time management
  • Mentoring
  • Speaking and listening

One of their main responsibilities is for raising funds for and selecting our school chosen charity for the year, which this academic year is for Young Minds Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Charity. Our student voice have the opportunity to speak to visitors, present and prepare innovative ideas that they feel will make a positive impact on life at the school.

These students have been appointed following an application process and have been selected to represent their Small Schools due to the dedication they have shown to their studies and the kindness they have shown to others.

As part of the wider student voice and pastoral provision, students are selected to be a part of our anti-bullying ambassadors. Chosen students from KS3 + KS4 receive external Anti-bullying training from the Diana Trust Foundation. The ambassadors are trained young people who are passionate about helping their peers. The training provides the students with the knowledge of laws, statistics, signs and symptoms to look out for and how to provide advice to peers. 

We are very proud of our student voice team and the passion they have to ensure the views of young people are heard. Student voice improves services for young people and has a positive impact on our school environment and local community.