Christmas Jumper Day Letter

Red Christmas sweater and letter board with words Christmas jumper day.

Dear Parents/ Carers

Thursday 14th December – Christmas Jumper Day 

As per our previous communication, we will be holding Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday 14th December to coincide with our Christmas Lunch day.  Students will have the opportunity to make a £1 or £2 donation into buckets when they arrive at the gates at Avenue 1 and Avenue 2.  This contribution is optional, as is the decision to wear a Christmas Jumper for the day or not. If students choose to wear a jumper, they will need to follow the expectations detailed below. 

  • A student choosing to wear a Christmas Jumper on Thursday 14th December can do so as a replacement of their blazer, but must wear their shirt and tie underneath.
  •  Students choosing not to wear a Christmas Jumper must wear their blazer as normal. 
  • Plain jumpers or jumpers with logos or slogans (that are not festive in nature) are not permitted and will be confiscated as normal, then kept in the student’s college office for the day.  
  • Festive knitwear or sweatshirts are fine but it must not have a hood of any kind. 
  • Onesies or jumper dresses are not permitted

As stated above, with the exception of the blazer when wearing a Christmas jumper, uniform must be worn as normal.

Whilst we will enjoy the festivities of the day, we would like to assure you that learning will continue as normal in all lessons up to 12.15pm on Friday 15th December.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the email address.

Yours faithfully

P Wilson | Head of Woburn College, Designated Safeguarding Lead